Turmeric Teas Gift Set & Subscription

Certified Organic and Whole30 Approved.

Searching for the perfect gift? One that benefits not only the receiver but also someone most in need? Look no further...Turmeric Teas now has a beautiful gift box, including our complete line of loose leaf tea blends. Every Turmeric Teas Gift Box includes 1oz (28 g) each of our Dawn, Dusk, Summer and Winter blends.

Enjoy a steady supply of our signature turmeric tea blends by signing up for our subscription box. Our certified organic loose leaf tea will be delivered to your door step! Create your personalized subscription by choosing your favourite turmeric tea blends or let us pick the best blends based on the season.

We are a Buy One, Feed One venture - with every purchase of our tea, we donate money to feed a person in need. Each purchase of our Turmeric Teas Gift Box will help feed 4 people in need. Each purchase of our Turmeric Teas Gift Box Case will help feed 16 people in need.