SUMMER | Cooling Organic Turmeric Peppermint Tea

Refreshing peppermint tea with turmeric root – lively and thirst-quenching mint with a mellow sweetness.

Can be enjoyed hot or cold, after a large meal or a long to-do list.

The open field of awareness. Summer ripens the senses. Saturates with growth.

Cool and refreshing, peppermint resets the brightness. Offers clarity and calm while the world buzzes. Fennel seeds add a pleasant sweetness to this thirst-quenching tonic that is also an effective digestive aid.


Organic peppermint, Organic turmeric, Organic fennel seeds, Organic black cracked pepper

Available Formats

  1. Loose Leaf Tea (28g, 100g)
  2. Pyramid Tea Bags (Bio-degradable)