SUMMER | Organic Turmeric Peppermint Tea Bag

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Energizing Organic Peppermint Tea With Turmeric Root - 30 Tea Bags

Summer is a calming peppermint tea with turmeric. It is a refreshing tea that combines the strong minty flavor of peppermint with the bright and sweet flavor of fennel seeds. Summer is an ideal tea to cool off. The combination of turmeric and fennel also aids in digestion.

  • Includes 30 tea bags
  • Same high quality ingredients used in our loose leaf tea blend
  • Packed in pyramid tea bags for the best brew and flavour
  • Fully compostable / biodegradable for reduced environmental footprint
  • Anti inflammatory tea – includes black pepper to optimize turmeric (curcumin) absorption
  • All natural tea with no preservatives, added colours or sweeteners
  • Buy One, Feed One -  with every purchase of our tea, we donate money to feed a person in need



Organic peppermint, Organic turmeric, Organic fennel seeds, Organic black cracked pepper


Steep for 5 minutes (95 ̊C / 203 ̊F). Steep the same tea bag for 10 minutes to enjoy a second or third cup of delicious turmeric tea!

Unique Ways to Enjoy


We were so excited to finally find a fully biodegradable tea bag that we didn’t notice that the tea bag string is a bit short. This does not limit the ability to enjoy our tea but we will ensure to order the longer string for our next batch of tea bags!