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Very happy with everything. Adore

"Very happy with everything. Adore your teas. So beneficial for health. I especially love the personal touches: the emails, and the added touch of a hand written."


Love it

"Your tea is fabulous. I love the ginger and find the tumeric is helping my joints. Thanks. Your support for the community is wonderful"


A Hug from the Inside

"Love the warming effect of this tea, contrary to its name! It is an excellent alternative to coffee, plus I love knowing that I am helping reduce inflammation in my body at the same time."


Love it!

"I was introduced to the brand during the 2017 Coffee and Tea Festival in New York. Not only was the shipping from Canada to New York fast, they also took care to wrap my teas in lovely paper and include a handwritten note."


Tea with Benefits

Turmeric Teas offers a delicious line of Ayurveda inspired organic turmeric tea that heals you from within and helps fight hunger, one cup at a time. Our loose leaf tea blends help you energize, relax, cool off or warm up. Our JOY turmeric latte blend will vitalize your body and mind. We are a Buy One, Feed One venture - with every purchase of our tea, we donate money to feed a person in need.

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We are on a mission to make it easy for everyone to enjoy the healing benefits of turmeric