How to Steep Loose Leaf Tea?

Turmeric Teas | How to Steep Loose Leaf Tea?

Loose Leaf tea is a delicious, healthy and cost efficient alternative to bagged tea. Unlike the tea made for tea bags, loose leaf tea provides so much depth of flavour, mostly do to the fact that the tea ingredients are larger, and in (or at least closer to) their natural state. Letting loose tea leaves swim about in hot water allows for a greater tasting, fuller bodied, cup of tea - give it a try! Do a taste test: Bagged vs. Loose Leaf, and I guarantee you'll notice a huge difference!

We are often asked the same question when talking about our Turmeric Teas.... "How do you steep loose leaf tea?" For many, it is obvious. But for the bagged tea lovers of the world, this question is very much valid, and therefore we wanted to address it!

There are in-fact many ways to steep loose leaf tea which makes it all the more exciting and versatile. Today I will go over my favourite "go-to" method to steep the perfect cup of loose leaf tea, using my Grosche Tea Press


Step 1: Put 2 tsps on loose leaf tea into a clean tea press. 

Turmeric Teas | How to Steep Loose Leaf Tea?

Step 2: Fill tea press with approximately 2 cups of boiled water. Let tea steep for 5 mins. 

Turmeric Teas | How to Steep Loose Leaf Tea

Step 3: Push press all the way to the bottom.

Turmeric Teas | How to Steep Loose Leaf Tea

Step 4: Enjoy your perfectly steeped cup of tea! (Shown here is our Winter Blend - a warming ginger with turmeric blend)

Extra tip! Don't toss the leaves once steeped. These leaves can be used again and again to produce additional cups of tea! Simply double the steeping time - click here for step by step instructions on how to get 3-4 cups of tea from only 1 tsp of loose leaf tea!

By: Nicole Harvey

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