Your holiday gift guide for gifts that give back!

Your holiday gift guide for gifts that give back!

It’s that time of the year and we are all busy filling our shopping carts (yes, online carts too) with gifts for our loved ones Many of us, are making more conscious decisions about the companies that we choose to support this holiday season because of the pandemic and (needless to say) pretty much everything else that has happened this year. So, why not choose to support companies that give back? There are a variety of amazing companies offering the perfect gifts for your loved ones that also give back to communities in need and contribute to social causes. These gifts will leave your loved ones smiling as well as make a difference in the world. Here’s a list of companies that give back as well as some amazing gift ideas!  


For Your Fashion Loving Friends and Family: 


 Ultimate Gift Guide For Brands That Give Back by Good Food For Good -

FEED is an impact driven lifestyle brand who believes that people’s choices of what to buy and wear have the power to change the world. They offer meaningful ways for people to make a difference, from the bags we carry, to the places we gather, to the meals we share. FEED sells a variety of accessories and home goods that are functional. They work with artisans from Kenya to India and they provide them with sustainable livelihoods. With every product they sell, FEED provides school meals to the most vulnerable communities across the globe, through on-the-ground partners. This adorable cultivate kindness tote is the perfect gift for your loved one who strives for functional simplicity in their accessories and it also gives ten meals to children in need. 



 Ultimate Gift Guide For Brands That Give Back by Good Food For Good - Kotn

Kotn is a certified B CORP that creates quality clothing essentials that are ethically made from the finest natural fibres like Egyptian cotton. Kotn is dedicated to changing access to education in the Nile Delta, where all Egyptian cotton is grown. With every purchase, your orders fund the build-out and operations of school infrastructure, salaries for teachers, laptops, maintenance for the roads that link communities to our schools, books and supplies, science labs, water and electricity, furniture, and technical training for facilitators. Kotn has a variety of amazing gifts for your sustainable fashion loving friends, from cottons basics, to cozy socks, and this adorable puff sleeve sweatshirt. 



  Ultimate Gift Guide For Brands That Give Back by Good Food For Good - TenTree

Tentree creates aspirational outdoor clothing and products made ethically from sustainable materials like tencel, recycled polyester, organic cotton, and hemp. Tentree is rooted in the belief that we have a responsibility to protect and preserve the world we live in. That’s why for every product you buy, Tentree plants ten trees! You can buy some small stocking stuffers from Tentree like a hats or a warm pair of socks, or you can grab something cozy like a sweatshirt!  


Conscious Step 

Ultimate Gift Guide For Brands That Give Back by Good Food For Good - Conscious Step

Conscious Step is a sustainably made and ethically produced high-quality sock company driven by making a difference in the world. Every purchase supports one of their extraordinary partner organizations and the communities they serve. You can choose which partner and initiative you want to support with your purchase such as female empowerment, breast cancer, education, hunger and more. They even have sock gift boxes dedicated to every cause they fight so that you can find the perfect gift for the fashion ‘do gooder in your life.  



 Ultimate Gift Guide For Brands That Give Back by Good Food For Good - Oraki

Oraki is a Montreal based athletic leisure company that creates leggings and tops from recycled plastic water bottles! All of their designs are crafted by artists to empower woman and make them feel beautiful and strong—inside and out. A percentage of the profit from every online purchase goes to help those in need. Through donations to the Shriners Hospital for Children – Canada and AQEPA, ORAKI gives back to the children who represent our future, helping them grow and become the next generation of game changers. Gift a special lady in your life a pair of leggings or a gift card for them to purchase a sustainable product! 


For Your Foodies and Snack Lovers 

Good Food For Good 

Ultimate Gift Guide For Brands That Give Back by Good Food For Good - Good Food For Good

Good Food For Good creates crave-worthy sauces that are made from only delicious, natural ingredients that you can find in your kitchen. They are all-natural, 100% Organic, have no added sugar, and are made without any preservatives, additives, corn, soy, and gluten.  Good Food For Good was started on the philosophy of making healthier, delicious meals for everyone and donating meals for those in need. Every time you buy a product, they donate a meal to fight world hunger through their partnerships with Food Banks Canada, LA Food Bank and the Akshaya Patra Foundation. They have a variety of bundles that you can gift your loved ones with this year, like their Sauce like a Boss bundle which includes a bottle of their top selling sauces!


Turmeric Teas 

Ultimate Gift Guide For Brands That Give Back by Good Food For Good - Turmeric Teas

Turmeric Teas is an organic tea and tea latte company that is on a mission to help everyone enjoy the healing benefits of turmeric. Turmeric Teas are produced sustainably, packaged responsibly, and every purchase helps feed a person in need through their buy one feed one program. Their gift box is the perfect gift for your friend who loves tea and trying new things. Plus, the gift box provides four meals to people in need. 

 This Bar Saves Lives 

 Ultimate Gift Guide For Brands That Give Back by Good Food For Good - Thos Bar Saves Lives

This Bar Saves Lives is a snack company in the business of doing good! Every time you make a purchase, you are fighting malnutrition! Whenever you buy a bar or a crispy treat, you are donating a packet of life saving food to a child in need. If you have a friend who loves snacking, gifting them a box of snack bars or crispy treats will make their belly and soul happy. 



Ultimate Gift Guide For Brands That Give Back by Good Food For Good - REBBL

 REBBL creates organic and plant-based superfood elixirs that are free from artificial chemicals, added flavours, and thickeners.  REBLL is committed to creating a future without human trafficking. A percentage of net sales are donated to support Not For Sale in providing shelter, education, healthcare, legal services, and job training for survivors of exploitation. Create a custom box for your foodie loving friend  or choose from one of their variety packs, and give a gift of health along with a gift of joy this year!  


Zimt Chocolate 

Ultimate Gift Guide For Brands That Give Back by Good Food For Good - ZIMT 

 Zimt is a Canadian and Women Owned chocolate company that is on a mission to generate revenue as ethically as possible through manufacturing and sales of high-quality confections, to support required operating costs, and equally importantly, to donate 1% plus of our sales to effective charities.  Zimt makes vegan chocolate from 100 % organic cocoa nibs, coconut sugar, and cocoa butter from ethically grown and harvested cacao. Zimt is packaged in compostable packaging to protect the environment. Their chocolate makes the perfect gift for your foodie friends who love something a little sweet, but care about the ingredients they consume! 



 Ultimate Gift Guide For Brands That Give Back by Good Food For Good - Chickapea

Chickapea is a Women Owned, Certified B Corp, on a mission is to create good for the world through nutritious, organic meal options, and impactful social contributions. Chickapea products are made with only wholesome, organic ingredients and they are always quick to prepare. If you have a friend in your life who loves pasta, but is looking for a healthier option that is high in protein and is gluten-free, a variety pack of Chickapea is a great way to go! Plus, they donate nutritious meals to children in need! 


For the Green Beauty Lovers in Your Life 


Ultimate Gift Guide For Brands That Give Back by Good Food For Good - BKIND

BKIND is a Canadian, Montreal based, vegan, eco-friendly, and clean beauty company that is on a mission to encourage everyone to be kind. Encouraging people to be kind to themselves, animals, and the environment! 2% of their sales are always donated to a shelter or an organization that helps animals and all of their packaging is either recyclable or made from ocean bound plastic. And, if the green beauty lover in your life is concerned about waste, most of their skin care products are available in bulk across Canada. BKIND offers a variety of gift-friendly products ranging from $35 - $80 so that you can shop based on your budget! We love their non-toxic nail polish set that is TEN FREE and salon quality! 


Province Apothecary 

Ultimate Gift Guide For Brands That Give Back by Good Food For Good - Province Apothecary

Province Apothecary is a Toronto based, Canadian, and Women Owned beauty company on a mission to produce the best skincare products using only high quality, certified organic ingredients sourced from each of the Canadian provinces that are good for people, animals, and the environment. Province Apothecary offers a variety of products that will make the green beauty lovers in your life cheer with GLEE.  From amazing stocking stuffers like lip balm and spot serums, to beard oils for your bearded men, to spa packets with body oils and incense for those in need of some relaxation, to jade rollers for the skin care enthusiasts.  Plus, Province Apothecary donates a percentage of sales to several different organizations each year! 


Da lish Cosmetics 

 Ultimate Gift Guide For Brands That Give Back by Good Food For Good - Da Lish Cosmetics

Like Elate, Da lish Cosmetics is a Canadian, Toronto based, vegan clean beauty company! Da lish’s mission is to create clean luxurious beauty products that people can use daily and feel good about using. Da lish’s products are easy to apply, feel amazing on, they are long lasting, chic, and sustainably sourced, and they prevent you from putting terrible chemicals into your body. Da lish donates to a variety of causes like world hunger and Cancer research as their founder Melanie lost her mother and her dear friend to Cancer. Treat the green beauty lovers in your life to a nice shade of lipstick that they can feel good wearing, because it supports an amazing company who supports great causes, and it’s made without harmful ingredients. 


For the Moms and Babies in Your Life 

 Bella Tunno 

Ultimate Gift Guide For Brands That Give Back by Good Food For Good - Bella Tunno 

Bella Tunno is a certified B Corp that creates products to make parenting easier, more fun and more meaningful.  Bella Tunno wants to make the world better and they choose to do it through feeding hungry children meals. They are committed to giving one meal (and sometimes more!) to a child for every product sold through their partnerships with Feeding America (US) and the Global FoodBanking Network (International).  Their Kindness Collection set makes the perfect baby gift and it gives 4 meals to children in need.   


 Gift of Hope 

Ultimate Gift Guide For Brands That Give Back by Good Food For Good - Gift of Hope

Gift of hope is an ethical fashion brand and initiative protecting people and our earth. Gift of Hope is changing lives through stable income, discipleship, education, and the investment of relationships.  They employ over 70 Haitians and pay a living wage that is at least three times the minimum wage and partner with local artisans to support Haitian entrepreneurs. Our goal to raise families out of poverty is a holistic effort to educate and empower the entire family system. There is a direct correlation between the number of sales and the number of children who are spared living life as a poverty orphan.  These mommy and me aprons are the perfect Christmas gift for the moms and babies in your life.  

Happy Blankie 

 Ultimate Gift Guide For Brands That Give Back by Good Food For Good - Happy Blankie

Happy Blankie is on a mission is to spread as much happiness as humanly possible. Happy Blankie creates adorable blankets, pillows, and swaddles that spread joy. When you buy a Happy Blankie®, they give a blankie to a child in need! This weighted blanket is the perfect gift for your mom friend who is in need of some sleep.  


Abby and Finn 

 Ultimate Gift Guide For Brands That Give Back by Good Food For Good - Abby & Finn

Abby and Finn create highly absorbent and comfortable diapers and wipes that are free from harmful chemicals and substances. Abby and Finn seek to improve the lives of the families they touch. 1 in 3 U.S. families experience diaper need. That's why they donate 30 diapers for each subscription box purchased! Gift your friends or family members who are new parents a pack of diapers, wipes, or balms and you will help your friends along with a family in need. 


For Your Subscription Box Lovers 


Cause Box 

 Ultimate Gift Guide For Brands That Give Back by Good Food For Good - Cause Box

CAUSEBOX is a Certified B Corporation and offers socially-conscious, sustainable, ethically made,  and Fair-Trade Certified products including cosmetics, home decor items, self care products, accessories, and jewelry.  CAUSEBOX is committed to empower women, provide employment to disadvantaged workers and those with disabilities, to provide free education to their workers, and to alleviate poverty by providing fair wages. Get your friend or loved one a subscription and they will be happy knowing that they are contributing to four major causes.  


Arise Box 

 Ultimate Gift Guide For Brands That Give Back by Good Food For Good - Arise Box

Arise Box is a collection of sustainably and ethically made self care products, accessories, teas, and goodies. With every box purchased, Arise Box donates  10% of the profits to build care packages for human trafficking survivors in the USA. Treat someone you love with an Arise Box subscription this year and support victims of trafficking. 



Ultimate Gift Guide For Brands That Give Back by Good Food For Good - Rescue Box

RescueBox is a monthly collection of dog treats, food, and toys that any furry friend will love! With every box, RescueBox donates 10 pounds of food to shelter pets in need. Gift this box to a loved one who has a furry friend or gift it to your pup! 


Love with Food  

 Ultimate Gift Guide For Brands That Give Back by Good Food For Good - Love with Food

Love with Food is a snack box subscription that is delivered monthly! Every snack contains no artificial flavoring, coloring, or MSG, no trans fats and hydrogenated oils, and no high fructose corn syrup!  You can also create a gluten-free snack box. For every snack box purchased, one meal is donated to a Food Bank to help fight world hunger. This gift box is the perfect gift for your snack loving friend and for your loved ones with allergies and intolerances! 



 Ultimate Gift Guide For Brands That Give Back by Good Food For Good - Love Goodly

LOVE GOODLY is a beauty box subscription that is curated from eco-friendly, vegan and natural products made by conscious brands. They are on a mission to connect people with brands that are good for themselves and the earth! And, 5% of every purchase goes to support a cause.  If you have someone in your life who loves discovering new beauty products, this subscription box is a great gift for them! 


And viola! We are done! We hope you enjoyed this gift guide that gives back!  

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