E-Book | Healing Benefits of Turmeric

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Before it was a dye, before it was a medicine, a spice, a panacea, a pungent flavour, a stain on your fingertips, turmeric was a root buried in the tropical soil of South Asia.

Much of what is known about Turmeric today has been known for a long time, though the way we come to that knowledge has shifted tremendously. Turmeric has been used for centuries in Indian cooking and healing, as a treatment for wounds, reducing pain and swelling, and creating face and body masks. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it has been used for treating and preventing a wide array of ailments.

Today, in the West, we like our ancient wisdom backed up by double-blind trials, and results that can be replicated. Turmeric, long known to be an incredibly powerful source of healing, has now proven its ability to stand up against Western scepticism.