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Golden Glow Yoga

Yoga and Turmeric Tea for Good Health

In any fast pace city like Toronto, it is always a welcoming stride to step into an environment that can offer you a warm hug in your yoga practice and a cup of tea. The Moksha Yoga community gives you the variety that your body needs to keep you balanced to face your daily challenges. Just like our turmeric teas! We offer 4 blends to stimulate, relax, cool down or warm up on your journey of alignment of your mind, body and soul. Tea with Benefits!

Turmeric has many helpful properties and has stood the test of time. Either you are starting your yoga practice or have been an avid participant for many years; turmeric is a spice that can easily compliment, enhance or ease you in your practice. Two main factors to point out is the anti-inflammatory property to help with muscle and joint pains that people can experience from doing a new exercise routine or challenging themselves to moving further into a pose. The other factor is detoxing. Turmeric and Yoga both help remove toxins from your body to create a healthier state of mind and body. Turmeric can accompany your yoga practice of cleansing and keeping a healthy body.

With our 4 blends, you can enjoy and incorporate turmeric easily into your yoga practice and daily hustle. To continue your expansion in grounding through the warm bliss of our Winter blend that offers you a blast of ginger. Our Dusk blend can assist with sustaining the calm within you after one of your night sessions with lemongrass and fennel. The peppermint leaves in our Summer blend can carry on your deepening of your breathing while maintaining a sense of coolness before, during and after your practice. Our Dawn blend has a tickle of cardamom to give you that boost of energy and bounce in your step to wake you up before an early morning session or midday sluggishness for your transition from one location or pose to the next event.

Keep hydrating! You can enjoy turmeric tea every day hot or cold to a happy, healthier you. Namaste.

Blog post by Monica Man

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