How to make Turmeric Tea in 5 minutes

How to make Turmeric Tea in 5 minutes

This anti-inflammatory elixer has gained a lot of popularity in last few years. There are many recipes that you could find online about how to make Turmeric Tea. Most recipes require a list of ingredients like Turmeric, ginger, black pepper, Milk or nut milk, and sweetener of your choice and some times some more ingredients like cinnamon or cardamom.

Then it requires boiling all the ingredients together. In case you choose to use fresh Turmeric and Ginger, it requires you to also peel and grate both the ingredients leaving your hands and counters stained with beautiful golden turmeric. Overall, I would say 10-30 minutes of prep time depending on the ingredients you have in your kitchen.

We have cut down this process to 5 minutes with Turmeric Teas

1. Boil water to 95-100 degrees

2. Add 1 tsp of any of the delicious Turmeric Teas blends to your cup/kettle

3. Add 1 cup water for each tsp and let steep for 5 minutes

Strain and enjoy

Our organic Turmeric Teas are not only loaded with benefits of Turmeric (Curcumin) but they are so rich in flavour that you can easily get 3-4 steeps from them. Here is how I make Turmeric Tea and get most out of every teaspoon of this powerful blend:


How to steep tea in a french press | Turmeric Teas

1st cup: I steep my first cup of hot tea in a french press for 5 minutes. Just add 1 tsp of your favourite blend and add 1 cup of boiling water. After 5 minutes press the leaves and your 1st cup of Tea loaded with the benefits of Curcumin is ready to sip.

2nd cup: After I have poured it in my cup I add 1 more cup of hot water to the french press and let it steep while I am enjoying my my first cup (~ 8-10 minutes).

3rd and 4th cup: I pour all the loose leaf tea and about two cups of water in a mason jar and store it in the fridge for a cold brew to enjoy after work.

Another secret of a good steep is letting the tea leaves expand in the water. Most times when we use small tea balls, the leaves don't get enough room to absorb water and hydrate well. This is the reason I use a french press, if you don't have a french press just let the tea leaves steep in a cup and then strain before drinking. 





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