The Sustainable Market... Just clean food!

The Sustainable Market... Just clean food!
The Sustainable Market | Turmeric Teas retail partner


A little over a month ago we had the pleasure of meeting The Sustainable Market, and Raine Okum (pictured above) - the talented brains behind the business. Since then we've had the pleasure to meet with each other a few times and in our most recent conversation I got to to hear more about what The Sustainable Market is all about... here's what she had to say:

"We are an online Farmers Market that sources the cleanest local food that our region has to offer."

Why did you start The Sustainable Market, and what was your inspiration? 

"It really started in my garage as a Buying Club with 7 other friends. We were all spending so much time driving around trying to find affordable, clean food for our families. It grew from 7 of us to 26 with a waiting list of people I had never met! I had an opportunity to move out of my garage and have had much support along the way to grow The Sustainable Market to what it is today." 

That's incredible... so what is your favourite part about being an entrepreneur?

"Honestly, I think meeting other entrepreneurs. There are some amazingly talented people in our area."

That's so true. So what's in store for 2018?

"We JUST launched Home Delivery last week so we hope that it continues to grow so that we can can take on more Farmers and provide another market for their produce. We take into consideration what each farmer is producing. So when we commit to selling a Farmers produce, we want to sell them out. We want to encourage more farmers to grow fruits and vegetables without the use of toxic chemicals, and GMO's and by doing this we need to show them that there is a market for it all-including seconds!" 

Turmeric Teas | The Sustainable Market partnership

What I love most about Raine and The Sustainable Market is the strong sense of authenticity and passion for clean, local, GOOD food. The rigour in which Raine evaluates each and every producer and vendor prior to partnering, instills great trust in that she truly does sell the absolute cleanest food that she can source locally.

So there you have it... to learn more about The Sustainable Market, and to create a free account visit their website here.

You can now find our complete line of Turmeric Teas on their online store!  

By: Nicole Harvey

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