The Truth Behind “Detox” Tea

The Truth Behind “Detox” Tea

Truth behind Detox Tea | Turmeric Teas

Your favorite celebrities are endorsing it, it’s all over your social media feed, fitness bloggers are praising it, so how can you not be tempted in trying the new “detox” tea phenomenon? Especially when these tea companies are promising you slim bodies, good health, increased energy levels etc. Even I wanted to jump on the bandwagon of “detox” teas after all the alluring social media photos of abs! But as we all know when something seems too good to be true it sadly means it probably is.

 These “detox” teas all include the same ingredients senna leaf, ginseng, chrysanthemum, cinnamon bark, cloves, rhubarb and ginger. There are no chemical and preservatives. So what’s the problem with drinking “detox” teas? Senna leaf, a popular herbal laxative used for constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and hemorrhoids. It also helps prepare and clear the bowel before a colonoscopy. Although senna leaf is an herbal plant, it is essentially just a laxative for short-term use. However, these “detox” companies recommend using their laxative tea for 28 days and more. Can you imagine what drinking a laxative tea a few times a day for more than 28 consecutive days will do to your body? To paint a clearer picture it empties the entire contents of your intestines daily causing electrolyte shortage and nutrient deficiencies. Some side effects of senna leaf include diarrhea, headaches, vomiting, dizziness, urinating too much or severe cramping. Essentially, these “detox” teas are dehydrating your body and ridding of any essential nutrients your body needs. However, most women will power through all these side effects to achieve a flatter tummy. But at the cost of feeling tired, drained, with no energy. You will even find warnings on “detox” teas such as “ensure that you have access to a toilet during the day”. The long-term use of senna leaf actually causes the bowels to stop functioning normally making your body dependant and reliant on it, meaning you can’t use the washroom without drinking senna leaf tea. Some women have been hospitalized and many women also now also experiencing menstrual irregularities after using “detox” teas. So drinking these “detox” teas doesn’t sound so appealing after all?

Not all teas are toxic and dangerous like these popular “detox” teas. In fact, Turmeric Teas has a wonderful line of organic loose-leaf teas that contain many beneficial healing properties, such as anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. Turmeric Teas are rich in antioxidants and are bursting of natural herbal flavours for you to enjoy! Your health is simply not worth all the side effects and even long-term effects that may come from these popular and alluring “detox” tea companies, even if it is for quick (unhealthy) weight loss. Instead, adopt a healthier lifestyle that includes eating more plant-based foods, exercising regularly, getting more sleep and drinking plenty of water.

 Blogpost by Alexandra Daugherty, Holistic Nutritionist

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